Quarantine & Conditioning

Our quarantine and conditioning practices help ensure that our systems stay completely free of any unwanted pests that can hitchhike their way into our and eventually your system.

Any time we bring any specimen into our facility from any source the first step is a visual inspection and removal of any obvious pests or hitchhikers.

To make certain the initial screening is successful, we then dip every coral in a sanitizing solution before placing them in our dedicated quarantine system. During this time the corals undergo weekly visual inspection for any sign of pests that may have been missed during the initial inspection and dip. We proactively treat for planaria using flaxworm exit by Salifert. We also treat for bryopsis using fluconazole capsules.

Prior to placing corals into their respective system, corals are removed from their original mount and remounted to a fresh sterile plug or disk and the old mount is discarded. This  helps ensure that anything that might be lurking in/on the plug, disk, or mount the coral was shipped with is not brought into our systems. By this stage, any sort of coral eating worm or parasite (like AEFW and red bugs) have been screened from the coral tissue. But spores and larva from other pests like Aiptasia, Hydroids,invasive species of clove polyps and even undesirable algae like bubble algae can still be lurking on or in the mount. However, none of these pests inhabit living coral tissue, so by removing the mount, we are removing any of these pests that might be on it. Only after all of that do any of the newly mounted pieces go into their respective propagation tank.

We go through all of this up front to not only protect our systems from having to deal with any of these pests, but to protect you as well. However, if you choose to follow this same quarantine procedure or one of your own with our corals we ship to you, we won’t be offended.

When it comes to prevention of issues from any sort of pest there is no such thing as being too careful.