Our Facility

Our brand new, state of the art facility in Poughkeepsie,NY has been designed and built with optimum effectiveness and efficiency in mind.

We have four pairs of 3' X 7' raceways providing 168 sq ft of surface area to house our corals. 

For flow, each tank in each system uses a 6000 GPH high efficiency pump in an alternating closed loop on a 30 second alternating flow cycle. The 30 second cycle provides a 6 inch per second flow rate in one direction, followed by turbulence from the intake/output switching to opposite sides, then 6 inch per second flow rate in the opposite direction. This coupled with the surface agitation created from our wide dispersion 4,000 GPH return produces an optimum flow and gas exchange for the health of our corals. The lighting we have chosen to employ over our main raceway is a mixture of Reefbreeders Photon 32 fixtures and Kessil A360 Tuna Blues. Our quarantine system is illuminated by an 8 bulb t5 rig utilizing Ati Coral plus bulbs. Across all three of the different lighting systems for each tank, we use a 14K color spectrum which most closely matches the spectrum these corals would receive at the depth they are most commonly found in the wild. But is also one of the most common spectrums used by reef hobbyists. This not only helps ensure our corals grow rapidly and successfully for us, but also emulates the lighting technologies and spectrums used by hobbyists to minimize the acclimation required for bringing these corals into the home.

Feel free to have a closer look at our in-depth lighting and flow resources as well as the many other articles and information on water chemistry and coral nutrition we have gathered from our direct observations and experience in our facility and in your home aquariums.